Gearing up for your Fishing Trip

Each individual should bring the following gear with them:
-Good quality rain gear
-At a minimum, bring rubber knee boots.  Hip waders or chest waders are optional but recommended.
-Warm long underwear tops and bottoms – merino wool is best
- Wool socks
- One warm coat - down or synthetic fill.  You should expect temperatures from 46 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Most fishing is done from open 18 – 20 foot skiffs which travel up to 40 miles a day on the river and lake.  Early morning fishing will be cool with frequent fog or mist.  Be prepared to dress in multiple layers, which will give adequate warmth.  Long underwear is helpful when fishing on rainy, cool days.
-light fleece jacket or sweater
-Warm Hat
-Ball Cap to block sun
-Sun Glasses

-note – your cell phone will not work in our area. We have phones if you need to make calls.

Tackle:  We provide all tackle required, which is all first quality equipment.  You may bring your own personal tackle if desired. 

Tackle used includes:  For King Salmon, we like casting reels with 17-20 lb. test line set on 8 ½’ salmon rods.  Our spin tackle includes medium to light weight rods and reels using 10-12 lb. test.  We use these for fresh water species and some species of salmon.  Fly fishing tackle includes 8-9 weight rods with sinking tip line for salmon and trout.  We use floating line as well for trout, grayling and Dolly Varden.

Fishing in Alaska is something everyone should experience at least once…